Our idea is to organize a hitchhiking trip from Istanbul to Berlin in August and September with as many people as possible. We want to raise funds for two different social projects in Europe. The main focus of our project is to do street arts at the places we will stay. We want to show that it possible to have a great journey on a low budget while at the same time doing something worthwhile. We will also shoot a documentary video and update our Travelblog with reports, pictures and videos so that everyone can follow us.

Social Projects

The Euroadtrip2012 is our trip but it is not just for us. With this hitchhiking trip we want get to know to Europe and at the same time to improve the intercultural understanding which is in our eyes in such a cultural diverse continent a very important thing. All the money which is going to be raised will be forwarded to two different social projects in Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina which are both concerned with helping people in need. Find out more about the social projects by clicking here


The people who will form the hitchhiking team will be created by all volunteers that want to participate – so this is your chance to get on board and to take part and to do something special which will help other people. The organization crew are two students from Italy and Germany currently living in Istanbul for a year on a student exchange. Get more information by having a look to the Euroadtrip2012 CouchSurfing group


We launched this project because we are off the view that everyone is able to do change something; everybody can do something meaningful. Therefore we set this frame of the Euroadtrip2012 project to give people the opportunity to realize their own ideas. In this way everybody who will be involved in our project has an opportunity to have these unique experiences. Change something in your life and you can change something in other people’s life!

This is our official documentary which we were shooting during our trip. It is the result of our successful project and we hope that you enjoy it. Thumbs up for a better world!

With this video, created and edtied by our camera man and film maker Ondrej Klus, we won the FIRST PRIZE of the ‘Ending Hunger’ video contest!! Nobody really would have guess this surprising result. A part of the prize money will be donated for our social projects which we are supporting. Many thanks to the actors who are all students of the UWCiM University in Mostar. Thumbs up for a better world!
This video is not exactly related to our project. We merely were shooting it during the trip and in case we would make some money with it we agreed to donate for the social projects.
It worked out successfully!!

Our travel route

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All content written by Jorin Eichhorn